Holy Shit! Pandora’s Matchbox

About a week ago I stumbled on the delightfully creepy Pandora’s Box by Terror Bull Games. It was begun as a project for Ludum dare, but I think we can all be glad they took the extra time with it. It is chilling and brilliant, and makes me wonder if the satirical board games by the company are worth a go. This game is an exception to many rules, and I suggest you download it here, and give it a go, because there are some spoilers ahead.

Pandora’s Box is a text-based mystery game. That’s a lie. It’s text based. It is a mystery game. But the fact is it’s something else. If I knew what it was I’d tell you and you’d be all like, “Oh Seth Tipps, the Great Reviewer of Artsy Games!”, and I’d be all like, :”Yes.” Well that’s not how this is going to work. I’m going to talk to you about the most disturbing thing in the whole game; vanishing poos. Continue reading